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 Im sIIn, glad to meet the new fokes!!!

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PostSubject: Im sIIn, glad to meet the new fokes!!!   Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:40 pm

Hi there peepz!!!

I already made an anouncement about what my intentions are for the forum and its communety.
Here is just a little intro about me since I been away so long I thought I needed to introduce myself for all the people who do not know me yet.

So ehm, most people here call me Siin, I think?
Well anyways I used to manage the staff here since there was a lot of dispute and trolling and I kinda could not bother too much.

But I think this forum deserves alot more so I promise to put alot of effort in it, I hope you guys will help out!!
I will be on the chatbox everytime my pc isnt logged of. Keep in mind that if im set on away, I am playing a game or studying, or wathever normal people do ( im not normal so I got *zero* clue ).

If there is anything you want to discuss or just wanna troll some or have some fun ( thats both the same ... ) just pop in there and say hi!

OH!! very important, I read EVERY pm, YES all the 1.00000000 pm's you guys send, well I read about 5% of them I kinda lied.
I want to read all but if you do not put a descent topic I will not read it. How am I suposed to know what is urgent or not if people put and this is a real quote "Hi" as a topic ...

If you want to talk about abuse: "Noticed someone abusing", if you are interested in helping out: " I might be able to help out" even if you just want to send a joke or troll me make the topic descent so I know what is comming. This is especialy important for new users or those I do not know yet since I will never read their messages if the title isnt legit.

While I am skimming trough a library of private messages, Ill be seeing you guys on da chatbox!!
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Im sIIn, glad to meet the new fokes!!!

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