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 Me, (MHFU Veteran) Looking for people to play MH3 with!

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PostSubject: Me, (MHFU Veteran) Looking for people to play MH3 with!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:42 pm

Please add me, my character's name is Dominic, and I am trying to become a veteran in Tri the same way I am in MHFU (G-Rank, over 10 different armor sets all varying in amazing skills, I hunt Akantors, Kirin, and Kushalas [All G-Rank] by myself)
I need to set up a team, and maybe even a clan if you're interested. I am mostly looking for a hunting party or people to start one with. Feel free to message me on here and even when I am playing MH3, I will be willing to play with just about anyone.
*I have a wii-speak (Be warned, I swear a bit against Diablos. XD), so that is a bonus also.
*Love hunting Deviljo and Alatreon, just need good people to do it with!
*Last thing, I recently restarted my account because I accidentally sold the water longsword... which you can't replace... so I'm kind of a low level now, But I have MAJOR hunting experience and I do not suck... I would be an asset to anyone who plays this game (I'm a little slow when I prepare, but at least I do it right!).

So, please add me, (on here or MH3) and if you are an MHFU veteran (like me) or a noob, just ask me a question and I can answer it to the best of my ability.
But I am mainly looking for help with MH3. Thank you.
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Me, (MHFU Veteran) Looking for people to play MH3 with!

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